Lua Unlocker AIO Scripting Tool


Using LUABox is very easy. Allowing you to run up to 5 instances of your third party wow bot software with our lua unlocker.

Luabox is very intuitive and the best-priced lua unlocker available (EWT only provides you with 1 instance), no bot is running without the implementation of a lua locker, and we have a very extensive understanding of LUA to keep your accounts safe along with consistent updates so your software is always running.

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All about LuaBox LUA Unlocker

What exactly is Lua Box?

It may seem like just another Lua framework unlocker but it is much more than that (Even tho it can interact with the game lua API).
More than just unlocking & expanding the game’s LUA it embeds its own latest lua based source with lua engine.
It will not modify any .text or .data segment belonging to the game.
This makes it much easier to hide, this project is has been available since early 2018 and going strong still.

What does Lua Box do?

Not very much as it’s a LUA unlocker which utilization is to run scripts, I’ve included an easy Morpher & fishing script, as well as a “debug mode” for devs. These scripts are auto-updated where you can do as wanted with them or develop your own.

Why release it to the public?

We’ve always taken interest in forming an API, integrating, and implementing new functionalities with it than actually playing games these days.
The best part is seeing what people have done with it and they enjoy what I’ve provided a framework to function within splitting the work.

What are future plans for Lua Unlockers?

Keeping it always undetected, so in the event of patches expect a little downtime for a safe update so we don’t encourage auto-update to bypass my safety & announce changelogs but is always your choice. Any third party tool makes sure it’s recommended by us such as the Baneto botting software has the best user interface and functionality as well as their development team being very professional too.