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[Instant Delivery] MiniBot for WoW: developing, running and publishing WoW bots

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  • [Instant Delivery] MiniBot for WoW: developing, running and publishing WoW bots

    [Instant Download]
    MiniBot for WoW is an easy-to-use, advanced, and community driven platform for developing, running and publishing WoW Retail and Classic bot projects. Several developers of reputable Bots and Combat Rotations already agreed to offer their products at MiniBot and are currently integrating them

    Key Features:
    1. All-In-One Platform: MiniBot itself is not only an unlocker platform but also carries an AddOn Framework for bot development. You don’t need to combine tools anymore!
    2. Proprietary Kernel Security: Our virtualization technology runs in Windows Kernel Mode (Ring -1) while Warden runs in Windows User Mode (Ring 3) and can’t access it
    3. Free-to-Play Access: Restart the game every 2 hours to keep playing FOR FREE. Ideal for combat rotation users. If you plan to use the tool for hardcore botting and making gold/money, please grab a subscription to remove the limitation or enable multisessions. There will be no discussion about it in this thread
    4. Code-Free Bot Development: follow comprehensive guides and examples on top of our official AddOn Framework to build your own highly-customized navmesh-based bot projects without any programming skills
    5. Combat Rotations and Custom Scripts: use our extended Lua API to run any compatible existing rotations, like Bad Rotations, or build your own scripts!
    6. Commerce Friendly: create encrypted copies of your own projects with full authorization control or even your own MiniBot copy (OEM friendly)

    1. Intel: CPU must be Core Ivy Bridge (3rd generation) or later
    2. AMD: CPU must be Ryzen series
    1. Windows 7 SP1 with latest patch (6.1.7600.24384 or higher)
    2. Windows 8.1 with latest patch (6.3.9600.19678 or higher)
    3. Windows 10 with latest patch (1809 or higher)

    Download the client here

    Help & Support
    Discord support is provided by Titan#4480

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    Ah yes if you're looking for the wow bot studio