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[Classic] WoW Orca Classic Bot

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  • [Classic] WoW Orca Classic Bot

    ORCA Classic Warcraft Bot
    NOTICE: Our own unlocker is now available at WoW Orca
    The Bot is already pre-packaged with the unlocker.

    Have Fun!

    WoW Vanilla Addon Bot
    Bot Capabilities
    - Over +500 gold per hour (reports of ~1900 gold in 1 hour) Profile is currently available - Making it the highest gold per hour bot on the market
    - Full 1-60 Questing Capable
    - Smart Movement in BGs - No profiles required, simply by clicking smart movement, you will be able to collect maximum honor per hour)
    - Fully afk 5-man or solo dungeons (Grind whole dungeon, Exit, Reset Dungeon, Enters back and keep going, Ghost support)
    - 1-60 Grinding (Repair, Re-buy Ammo/Food/Drink & Ghost Support
    - Fully afk Battlegrounds (Moves and Fights in BGs
    - Slave/Master system for multiboxing or 5-man Dungeon
    - Gathering (Mining, Herbing)
    - Gold farming
    - Skinning
    - DPS/HEALING/TANK capable for Raids and Dungeons
    - Advanced Custom Profile Creation Tool – Beginner Friendly
    - Profiles can be reutilized on other characters
    - Kill Bot after certain amount of time botting
    - Auto-Activation for Orca Subscriptions
    - Auto Relogger
    - Mailing
    - Whisper Tool integration thanks to Incisive (push notifications about whispers, etc)
    Supported Languages:
    - English
    - Korean
    - Chinese
    - Spanish
    - Russian
    - French
    - German

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