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Making real money off World of Warcraft Bots

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  • Making real money off World of Warcraft Bots

    Read more about this guide at Make money off WoW

    Getting started making money off World of Warcraft

    If you're wondering how to make a lucrative botting income off World of Warcraft, this guide you will find very useful. And it's not hard either!

    Getting started, whether you're wanting to make money. You'll probably want to bot on World of Warcraft Classic as this is the most difficult version of WoW to make gold in that's not sold by Blizzard, along with leveling and the likes. Gold plays a big favor in obtaining Epic mounts or leveling up professions such as engineering and the like.

    First you'll need to pick a WoW Classic Bot, the top of the line classic bot in every way. Be it for grinding, questing, farming, pvp & the list goes on. It is literally the most user friendly GUI, easiest set up (just drag and drop into your addons folder) Making it not intrusive the least bit.

    Once you do so you'll want to pick one of the farming profiles for gold farming, if you're going to power level people then you can pick the questing profiles or pre made grinding profiles. There is many ways to make a profit off your botting in WoW Classic, so don't let this hold you back. Some common methods are PvP honor grinding to get players top rank for pvp items.

    Keep an eye on my next WoW Guide on utilizing a VPN while botting to keep your account safety even further.