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    Quick update: I first detected this new Warden scan on October 2nd but I couldn't get a lot of data back then. Yesterday it ran again and I was able to track it. Essentially, it is able to check if EWT has been executed in the machine and whether the file still exists. So if you are playing normally, you can still be detected. From the data that I caught, Warden may be looking for something else other than EWT. This scan may be related to the last banwave. I will need to release a new EWT version (in a couple hours).

    from EWT admin
    In case you can't run ewt this is why he is making sure latest release is safe, please do not speculate much on this. If you want to use luabox they have had 0 issues with downtime, once again ewt is also a hacking tool so keep this in mind that is why their downtime takes longer.

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    More info here as I am receiving a lot of DMs. Differently from other scans that are constantly running, this one ran only once yesterday and I couldn't do more tests with it. I implemented a bypass with the data that I caught, but I still have some questions on how it works exactly. Every process that is executed "leaves a trace" and this was scanned by Warden. Running EWT once per reboot is enough to wipe these traces. This is all I can share for now. If you are paranoid, just delete EWT's .exe if you are going to play normally.


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      Teleport function is patched at this time.